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Obrimah BIog would like to say thank you to all my friends who took time out to visit the blog and read the materials. When this started in April 2016 it was just a thought to give back and as at December 31, 2016 there has been 28,446 visits. I appreciate your support and look forward to more interaction in 2017.


Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. As the year starts do you have goals for every area of life?

Goals are derived from your vision statement and your mission statement. Do you have one?

A goal is a desired result that someone envisions, plans for and committed to achieving it within a definite time frame by having deadlines. Goals help to improve your overall effectiveness as an individual.

My Goals
My Goals

Six steps to achieving goals by Susan Heathfield are:

  • You need to deeply desire the goal or resolution
  • Visualize yourself achieving the goal.
  • Make a plan for the path you need to follow to accomplish the goal.
  • Commit to achieving the goal by writing down the goal
  • Establish times for checking your progress in your calendar system
  • Review your overall progress regularly.

Another six-step goal setting which seems simple, but a powerful step by step system is from the acronym “SMART”.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic/relevant
  • T – Time Bound

In 2017 plan to achieve your goal (s).

I saw this post on social media on Personal Development Plan(PDP) and thought it was appropriate to share it.

Your PDP must be a Detailed, Well-Structured, Articulated and Written Plan that will demand your loyalty and commitment.

Your PDP Guide must include the following:

  • Building Spiritual Capacity (Moving from Just Relationship to Quality Fellowship with Your God).
  • Inspirational and Motivational Books to read in 2017 (weekly, monthly or quarterly).
  • Professional and Career Development Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (either Paid or Free).
  • Mentors and Coaches you must connect with in 2017, that will add great value to your life and work.
  • Relevant/Additional Skills to develop or sharpen to enhance your ability to serve people and earn more.
  • Events, Places, Cities and Nations to visit for personal relaxation, recreation and education.
  • Networks or Associations to join, that will serve as leverages for opportunities and connections (online or offline).
  • What Products or/and Services will you be creating in 2017 to multiply impact and increase income.
  • Negative Relationships or Friendships to cut off (that drains personal energy).
  • Wise and Intelligent Investments to undertake in 2017.
  • Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviors to confront and conquer.
  • Positive Habits, Attitudes and Behaviors to cultivate in 2017.

Let Your Plans Begin Now!!!

Happy New Year.

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